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I like the idea of shitting on pivots lazy comedy but I feel like you could do way better. I mean, have you SEEN bptv? Also his racial humor seems to be less about race and more about being offensive for its own sake so making a video like this arguably just plays right into that. Kudos to the NG voters for giving this first place over some overwatch parody though, it's a step in the right direction.

Coolprinter responds:

Yea but that would be mean.

Everything you guys didn't like was jons fault, I don't have any beef with any YouTube comedians, dox Jon if you have to dox somebody, love trumps hate

Keep up the good work

retr0smash responds:

stop by outwar.com and fuck yourself today faggot

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Polish this game. Make it easier to control and more balanced, then experiment with it. The idea behind it is too innovative to leave at this.

VascoF responds:

Thanks, I agree. The game was made in a rush for Ludum Dare, but I want to make a better version of it.

A fun lil' time waster

unique gameplay, cute graphics, fitting soundtrack. Decent work here, fellas.

Manly-Chicken responds:

Why hello Mr Pjorg!

Because you requested a review...

First of all, the gravity-flipping thing is getting a bit tired at this point with games like time fcuk and shift out there.

The character had a distinct look, but you probably could have just made him a red circle or something, seeing as the game doesn't have a storyline to it. The character didn't really have a walk cycle.

Something should change when the character is in "Limbo" just so that the player knows they hit space and don't end up wasting stars.

The gameplay solid but got boring quickly.

TheGameHomepage responds:

Just wanted to respond to this:

> Something should change when the character is in "Limbo" just so that the player knows they hit space and don't end up wasting stars.

You can actually go in and out of Limbo as much as you want without losing any stars. You only lose them if you exit limbo at a different angle that you came in at. Also the background does stop moving as a sign you're in Limbo. You're probably right that I should make it more obvious though.

Anyway thanks for your feedback - much appreciated :D

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yeah bob quit animation

Brewster responds:

i guess if everyone thinks so x D

Troll for the win

Close battle, but my vote goes to epilepsy cause he's clever and stylish.

When I listen to video game music....

I have different standards than I do with house or techno. For instance, a video game track needs to loop well. It can't be to repetitive during one listen because that means if you get stuck on a level for to long you'd lose your sanity from hearing the same beats over and over. The song wasn't too memorable either. It wasn't a tune someone could play and have you instantly recall the game it was in, like the music in Mario or Zelda.
The percussion and beats seemed to work with each other, though. I think you should take another look at this song, tone down the current beat and add another instrument that controls the melody.

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That one dude has a wicked tiny head compared to his buddies. I'm not a genius when it comes to designing characters either- but I think the two main points for coming up with effective character designs are 1. make 'em look unique and 2. design the character's outside to reflect the inside. This will create iconic designs that the viewer can instantly associate the specific character with whenever they appear.
So yeah, uniqueness is pretty important so you can quickly tell them all apart and have that immediate association. Simple palette and clothing changes over the same basic mold will still give you a bland, Scott-Pilgrimesque look. The noses and head shapes are all different so good job there. I suggest messing around with different heights, weights, and builds to add some real variety.

McBinkles responds:

haha i actually just finished reading scott pilgrim after being obsessed with it, that might be part of the problem. Thank you Pjorg, I will heed your words

also, I fixed the head sizes (the guy on the far left's was pretty huge as well)

Oh hey it's manly chicken! Can't wait to see this one in action.


I'm a filly and what is this

I made son ya done

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