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I deleted all my newsposts

2017-05-19 00:44:01 by Pjorg

Over the spring, I took a college class where they make you put together a linked in and resume and all that. I would have avoided a boring class like that but was mandatory for seniors. Anyway, I wanted to link my Newgrounds page in my online portfolio and I decided I should probably clear out all the ridiculous spam posts I made on here when I was 15. Also the ridiculous spam posts I made on here when I was 20. And while I was doing that, I noticed that almost all my other posts were either promoting projects I released ages ago, teasing projects I would end up never releasing, or asking for collaborators on projects that I abandoned and forgot about. It got me thinking- what use do these posts serve in the present day? Why am I keeping them around?

You can still find them on, but in case that ever goes down I also copied all the text content of them and saved it onto my computer for archival purposes. I feel like it's important that these things all exist SOMEWHERE- I don't want to erase any personal history or some other nefarious 1984 shit- but I don't know if my old news should be in full view of anyone who stops by my page. How would you feel if you went into somebody's house and they had a million old newspapers all stacked up in their front room? I can't help but think that it creates a weird context for the actual content of my newgrounds page, the stuff I actually worked hard on and care about.

I've been thinking a lot about the content / context dynamic lately, especially in relation to the internet, as thats where basically everything I make goes. For example, if these newsposts were vlogs instead of text, I think my kid face and voice would automatically give context to everything. You'd watch it with an understanding that I made this thing a long time ago when I was dumber and less mature. But my old newsposts are in the same format as my newest ones. They have the same font as this post, they still have my most recent avatar next to them, they're on the same page... it feels like I wrote them just yesterday. I like things better in the archived format, where you get everything else around it preserved too.

I wrote this post half as an explanation but also because I've decided to just start writing down more things just because I need excuses to write something quickly every now and then. Enjoy it while you can because I'm a DELETER now!

Edit: I reread this post immedietly after posting and some of the ways I worded things were buggin me. I already don't like this post guys see we're speeding up the process


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2017-05-19 12:04:22

If you ever remove Son, Ya Done, I'll be sad.

We should add a feature where you can upload photos of yourself from different years of your life and it will attach those photos to each of your posts based on the year, so people see a picture of a dumb kid next to old dumb kid posts.

Man I keep typing up different thoughts about the internet and how it reflects on you as you go through different stages of life / trying to please different groups of people. I keep deleting it all though... But yeah the internet is weird.

(Updated ) Pjorg responds:

Son Ya Done will be around here forever, don't worry! It's something that I was proud of when I made it and that's honestly whats most important to me. It's the stuff where I know I could have done better back then that I don't like as much. SYD holds up especially well for me though, because in a way it DOES have the right context to it- it starts with a crude little cartoon of 16-year-old me announcing that I made this flash movie basically on my own and that it's going to be amateurish and weird, but funny.

I don't know if there's a good solution to this thing of having every awkward stage and mistake of your life preserved on the internet, or if that even is a "problem". I think if you don't cringe a little at the way you used to be you're probably not growing as person. If other people could learn from your own development too, then why not let them? I remember it being encouraging to watch old LazyMuffin flashes and seeing how much better he got in a few short years.

I guess my biggest worry is that I'll internalize the fact that anything I say now, I might find embarrassing in retrospect. That might make me less inclined to say what I think or take artistic risks, which is pretty crucial to getting better.


2017-05-19 14:51:28

This has been me for ages. I'm terrible about keeping anything posted online unless it is just excessively edited and re-proofread over and over. Same goes for just, seemingly dumb things I wrote. I've even deleted accounts in those cases (when the content itself couldn't be deleted individually). It's oddly


2017-05-26 17:26:53

hahaha I literally had that same realization but instead I just did this:

Pjorg responds:

I can't believe I copyed my kid brother!!