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Entry #1


2016-09-13 17:53:57 by Pjorg

I worked on this one, kind of. Watch the original first tho :


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2017-01-11 12:52:40

i can't believe you deleted all your old newsposts! :(

Pjorg responds:

A professor for this class I'm taking in college said if I wanted to use my ng page as a portfolio link it needed to look "professional". I don't know if there was anything of substance in those old posts but I did save them in a big text file for personal history/nostalgia's sake. Also if people really want to see them someday.
I was also thinking of using this clean space to do a regular blog thing again mainly sharing my thoughts on things I think the whole internet animator "scene" could be doing differently, kinda like my brother does, but I don't really contribute enough to justify speaking from any authority and also I don't get the sense that NG is the best place for that nowadays.


2017-03-25 12:08:56

I'd be interested if you were to do those kinds of posts, but I also get where you're coming from