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Voice actors needed

2013-07-06 21:08:09 by Pjorg

Sup bitches you probably don't know who I am since I'm more of a "real world" person but lemme break dis shit down for y'all:

Me and my broski EMROX yeah thats right the best fuckin animator on this website is my brother and we have got this sick ass animated short film in the works right now and if you want to get a piece of that fuckin SWEET FLASH MOVIE A$$ then lemme tell ya how. If you are a voice actor, you can lend your magical pipes to this SURE TO BE VIRAL animation sensation. What is the movie about, you ask? Suck my dick.

So yeah basically if you want in on this just send us your voice reel and we'll look through your shit and let you know if we're interested. We are pros man we don't mess around and we are looking for folks made of the same stuff we are, so if you're a good voice actor this is some quality shit you should lend your talents to.

Patrick "pjorg" Daniels


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2013-07-06 21:13:22



2013-07-06 21:30:40

I would be down i could update you all the time and i love to voice act :)


2013-07-08 13:10:39

I got voices on my page if you wanna listen...


2013-07-09 02:07:40

Just talk to Marty about me. He knows me. Oh how he knows me.

But yeah, I'd be happy to help you and good ol' Emrox. Just let me know whats up.


2013-07-09 03:24:24

I dob't want to be in your cartoon or whatever, but can i join your skype calls and be your friend?

Pjorg responds:



2013-07-09 03:38:03

But that's heresy


2013-07-24 19:03:37

heres a taste of my demo


2013-08-12 13:38:39

I understand your dad is a great voice actor. You should hire him. I'm sure he would be great for the part, unless it involved gratuitously offensive language, like I'm seeing above.